Michael Gray Nighswonger
Contemporary Abstract Artist
Michael Gray Nighswonger is an abstract painter living in High Falls, New York. He was born in Whittier, California on June 22, 1966.
Nighswonger developed his passion for painting while living in North Carolina. It was there that he experienced his first success. 
From North Carolina, Michael moved to the Adirondack Park in upstate New York where his work and technique continued to evolve. 
Nighswonger received early accolades for his work and was commissioned by the New Jersey Prudential Center, home of the New Jersey Devils, to paint 18 pieces that are now featured in the stadium. Michael's work can also be found in over 50 private collections in the U.S. and Canada, including those of sports figures from the NHL and CEOs and executives from Boeing and Microsoft.
Nighswonger has shown his work in numerous locations including:
·Lake Placid Center for the Arts (Lake Placid, NY) 2018
·Old TD Bank (Bethlehem, NY) 2018
·Victorian Stroll (Troy, NY) 2017
·The Ginsburgh Exhibit (Tupper Lake, NY) 2017
·Science Cell Building Pop-up (Lake Placid, NY) 2017
·Wild Center Exhibit (Tupper Lake, NY) 2017
·Seattle Art Exhibit (Seattle, Washington) 2015
·Old Thyme Exhibit (Connecticut) 2015
·Split Rock Garden Show (Adirondacks, NY) 2014
·I.F.G. Corp Exhibit (North Carolina) 2008
·Durham Exhibit (North Carolina) 2008
·Prudential Center Grand Opening (New Jersey) 2007
·Y Gallery Exhibit (New York) 2005
·Cape Fear Exhibit (North Carolina) 2004
·Paleo Sun Exhibit (North Carolina) 2004
·Artist Under Construction Exhibit (North Carolina) (8 artist show) 2004
·Flow Art Show (North Carolina) (8 artist show) 2004
·Pearl Street Exhibit (North Carolina) 2003
Michael paints with acrylic on large-scale canvas. Each piece is completely original with its own story to tell. Michael draws inspiration from all aspects of life as he pursues the possibilities alive within the realm of imagination.
For more information call 518-524-2202 or visit  michaelnighswonger.com.
Another painting going through its stages of development, "The Horse."
This slideshow highlights the development of a single painting. It showcases the layering that occurs as a piece of work evolves. Michael Nighswonger's creative process saturates his canvas with color and texture and ensures each piece is unique and unreplicable.
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